Is the Cashier to Blame for George Floyd’s death?

Opinion – In the wake of George Floyd’s death, there has been a number of opinions thrown out onto social media about who is to blame, what should have happened, etc.

However, what this Uber driver said, has me puzzled:

So, never mind how we classify all white people who call the police on black people as Karen (which should be considered racist at this point) but we have this driver shifting blame from the officers to the cashier.

Seriously. Someone who encountered a potential crime and called the police (who we are supposed to trust) likely in accordance with store policy is responsible for George Floyd’s death?

Sure, if this cashier would of kept quiet, it is very likely George Floyd will still be alive (unless you have watched the movie, Final Destination), but this cashier, whoever you are, is NOT RESPONSIBLE for George Floyd’s death.

This will put a strain on the police and community relationship, but by no means should you be worried if a police officer is going to kill someone who may of committed a crime in your eyes. We need laws to rule man, and we need someone to enforce those laws, or it will become a very dangerous world for us and our kids. We do NOT need bad cops, nor do we need to be afraid of what happens when the police are called.

If the cashier ends up reading this, you may feel guilty, and that is normal. However, you did your job. You did what was right. You are not responsible for George Floyd’s death. Chauvin and the police standing around are the ONLY ones responsible.

For everyone else: Please stop the violence. Dr. King, Rosa Parks, and many others have made meaningful change with silent, but powerful protests. Fighting fire with fire only gets you fire. Honor George Floyds family like Houston, TX did. Keep things peaceful while calling for justice.

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