NASCAR Bans the Confederate Flag

In another win for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, NASCAR has just announced that all confederate flags will be banned from all events.

While many NASCAR fans and drivers like this dirtbag (and those that fly the flag) see the Confederate flag as a symbol of Southern ancestry and heritage, it carries a dark history. Remember, the main reason why the Confederacy was born was that the south wanted to keep slavery legal. (As someone who grew up in the south, yes we did learn this.) As we move on as a society it is good to remember the history of our great nation. We should not forget the bloodshed the civil war caused. To some yes, it does represent southern ancestry and heritage, but you would be completely ignorant to believe that it does not have a dark history tied to it. Flying the Confederate flag, which we know causes pain to many of our fellow Americans is something we should simply not do, out of pure respect for our fellow men and women, and more importantly our children.

While we live in a free country and you can choose what flag to fly, (I believe the Confederate flag should be banned outside of history books and museums, but it is a free country.) there is no reason why a symbol of hate should be plastered on television screens across America. Thank you, NASCAR for doing the right thing, even if this means you may lose out on some money. It’s time as a society we move on from the Confederate flag.

As someone who grew up in the south, we have so many ways of honoring our heritage. Refraining from flying a flag out of respect for our fellow Americans really should not be that big of a deal.

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