Dream job? More like a nightmare job

This is probably the worst place of employment you can possibly find in Pasadena, TX.

Looking for a job? Be aware of C & R Roofing Services

Times are tough, especially if you have found yourself recently unemployed during this pandemic, no doubt about that.

However, just because there is a pandemic and millions are losing their job, does not mean companies should take advantage of you.

C & R Roofing Services is doing just that.

This job listing was posted in one of those Facebook groups that brings out the Karen deep inside of you.

First of all, it starts out with “if you are willing to commute”. Remember when we said it was posted in a Facebook group? This is about a 1.5 hr commute in to the office. (First Red Flag)

It goes on to say exactly what they are looking for.

“2-5 years of experience in payroll, 2 years in quickbooks, etc.”
Okay.. so maybe that is why they are having a hard time finding talent that lives close by.

It states that you must be willing to do other office tasks etc. – Not so bad right? I mean, if the boss asks you to do something you do it.

This is my favorite part and really the reason why we are posting this:

“Note: Some office personnel smoke in their offices. Candidate must be comfortable interacting in these spaces when needed for very brief amounts of time.”

Just in case you are unfamiliar with Pasadena, TX, here is the ordinance regarding smoking.

C & R Roofing Services violates this ordinance

There are going to be a lot of smokers drooling over this job environment. I for one would not want to work for a construction company that blatantly violates the law. If they have no problem breaking the city ordinance, what happens at the job site? What kind of safety laws are knowingly violated?

However, if you have the experience, and are willing to wait AN ENTIRE YEAR for a week off, this job may be for you. Oh, I forgot to mention.. starting pay is $14/hr and since this is a 1099 position, you are still responsible for taxes.

Remember: Target pays their cashiers $15/hr now.

Here is the job posting in its entirety:

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