A COVID-19 Free School Bus

The following Facebook post was shared by Katheryn Wood that shows what school buses may look like come the Fall Semester:

Coming soon to a school near you…. ??"On Monday, district employees worked on staging and filming "Return to School"…

Posted by Katheryn Wood on Thursday, June 18, 2020

While homeschooling may not be an option for most parents, I know quite a few parents that have the school bus pick up the kids and take them to and from school simply because “it is easier.” If you are one of these parents, you are a POS that does not need to have kids. Buses should be reserved for those parents who’s work schedule does not work in tandem with the school schedule, which would help with the social distancing aspect. If you are just lazy and would rather risk your kids life, please give them to someone who cares.


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