Kanye2020? This is the real reason why Kanye is running for President.

By now, you have heard that Kanye2020 launched his presidential campaign on Twitter, and by now you have like learned that it is likely too late for him to get onto a ballot. Now the question is..

Is he serious?

Yup! He is dead serious.

You may ask, why? What’s the point?

Well, if you recall, Kanye is a huge Trump and #MAGA supporter, so it wouldn’t really make sense if he is running against someone he supports right?

Kanye running for President is actually the ultimate support Trump needs in 2020.


It’s simple really – The overwhelming majority of Kanye’s fans are by in large, anti-trump, anti-republican right? Now, what happens when these fans decide to vote for Kanye instead of Biden? Biden gets fewer votes, and Trump can take the lead.

It doesn’t matter Kanye gets 20% of votes or 49% of the votes, so long as Biden loses votes, Trump wins!

Kanye, now a billionaire does have some cash to throw around, and what better way to put that money to use then to keep the minion in the world’s most powerful position on your side?

While it may be tempting to write in Kanye on the ballot for November, please don’t. If you are a sane person and want Trump gone, do not vote for Trump. Biden may not be the best candidate, but he can’t be as bad as Trump right?

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